Importance of Plateaus

There are lots of benefits of the world’s plateaus both to man and to the subjective well-being of the earth’s surface. Some of the significant benefits of plateaus are:

  • Mineral deposits: Plateaus are rich in mineral deposits that can be mined by man to earn a living. Most minerals that are found on plateaus are valuable and have a monetary value such as gold and diamond. The minerals can be sold to earn money which can then be used to make a living.
  • Waterfalls: In most areas occupied by plateaus, there are waterfalls as well as river falls. As water is a basic human need, such places will act as sources of drinking waters as well as water for other valuable activities.
  • Extensive grasslands: Most plateaus are characterized by plenty of grass. The places are therefore crucial for the nomadic lifestyle since the grass is essential animal food. The green pastures on the plateaus are a perfect match for the growth and rearing of domestic animals.
  • Fertile soils: The volcanic plateaus which are formed as a result of the flow of lava are known to be very productive. Volcanoes consist of fertile soils which are suitable for farming and other agricultural activities.
  • Tourist attraction: Most plateaus have scenic spot-like features which act as tourist attraction sites. The grand cannons, as well as the numerous waterfalls which are found in most high plateaus, are the perfect examples of tourist attraction features on plateaus. With the attractions, the residents of such areas can earn foreign revenues from the sites.