Classification of Plateaus based on location

Plateaus are of classified into three different types based on their locations in the world.

  • The Intermontane plateaus
  • The Piedmont plateaus
  • The Continental plateaus

The Intermontane plateau

When a plateau is surrounded by mountains on all sides, it is called an Intermontane plateau. The Tibetan plateau, the Bolivian plateau are examples of the Intermontane plateau.

The Piedmont plateaus

A Piedmont plateau has a mountain on one side. The best examples of Piedmont plateaus are the Malwa plateau in India, the Patagonian plateau in Argentina and the Piedmont plateau in America.

The Continental plateaus

A Continental plateau is surrounded by oceans or plains. These plateaus are very vast. The plateaus of western Australia and Africa are examples of Continental plateaus.Plateaus are important geological structures though few people live here.