Stages of Erosion process by wind

Erosion process by wind may be divided into three stages:


High speed winds pick up soil and rock particles, resulting in the decrease or shrinking of upper layers. This process is known as deflation. Sometimes due to this process hollows are formed, which are mostly small in size but their diameter may extend from 1 to 15 kms.



High speed winds carry soil and rock particles, small pieces of rocks etc. This debris act as ‘sand paper’ and performs erosion and friction activity on other rocks which is known as abrasion. These are also known as tools of wind.



Sand particles carried by winds, start friction process with in itself and because of this their size reduces. This is known as attrition. Erosion process of high speed winds is also fast. Soft rocks break down easily but on the other hand erosional process is long in case of hard rocks. Small particles are transported upto long distances but big rocks and stones (of 5 to 8 centimeter radius) cover only small distance.