Classification of Climate of the World

  • Several attempts have been made to classify climate of the world to delimit the major types in quantitative terms.
  • However, it should be remembered that no classification is complete or perfect in all respects.
  • The value of the classification is determined by the intended use.
  • The first attempt to classify climate was made by the Greeks.
    • They defined climate as a study of the conditions of atmosphere at a definite time and under definite conditions.
    • On the basis of the temperature, they divided the earth into Torrid (Tropical), Temperate (mid-latitude) and Frigid (polar) zones.
    • The boundaries were determined by the parallels of latitudes.

World Climatic Regions

  • Since that time, many classifications were devised.
  • However, the classification scheme put forward by Koeppen has been found to be very popular.