Classification of Biomes

There are two major bases of classifying biome. The bases of these two classifications and its various types are discussed below:

On the basis of climate with special emphasis on availability of moisture

  • According to this basis biomes are determined by the degree to which moisture is available to plants in a scale hanging from abundant (forest biome) to almost scarce (desert biome).
  • But within each biome, conditions of temperature are vastly different from low to high altitudes and low to high latitudes.
  • Consequently there is a need to sub-divide each biome in to further sub-types.
  • However, according to this classification, there are four major types of biomes:
    • Forest biome
    • Savanna biome
    • Grassland biome
    • Desert biome

On the basis of climate and vegetation

  • This classification argues that there is a close relationship between the world distributional patterns of plants and animal species and the climatic types of the world.
  • Thus, based on this relationship the world has been divided into different biome types.
  • The vegetation is the most dominant component of the biomes.
  • As the vegetation and climate have intimate relationship the world is divided into various types on the basis of climates.
  • Further, these climate based biomes are divided into various sub-types on the basis of vegetation. Look at the table given below.

Classification of biomes