Insights Secure-2014: Questions On Current Events

ARCHIVES 30 March 2014 Answer ALL the questions in about 200 words 1. Critically examine various problems involved in successfully implementing MGNREGA scheme. What measures has government taken to address these problems? Explain. The Hindu 2. Write a critical note on the impact of globalization on the rural industries of India, especially after 1990. The …

Insights Secure-2014: Questions On Current Events

ARCHIVES 29 March 2014 Answer ALL the questions in about 200 words 1. Explain the scientific and strategic importance, and applications of Geo-synchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle-Mark III. The Hindu 2. Write a short note on: Tenosynovitis Nintenditis WhatsAppitis The Hindu 3. Critically comment on the factors that led to ‘independence’ movement in then East Pakistan. Are …

PHILOSOPHY – Daily Answer Writing Challenge

Topic: EQUALITY Question  According to some liberal political thinkers, Social and economical inequalities can be justified only if they work to the advantage of the least advantage members of Society. Is this view consistent with Liberalism’s cardinal advocacy of individual freedom? Discuss. (300 words) Next Topic EQUALITY

The Election Commission and Its Challenges

Saurabh Goyal A Democracy thrives on the integrity, competency and neutrality of its public institutions. Election commission (EC) is arguably single most important institution in a democracy. It is so critical for a democracy that quality of this institution is a baseline to evaluate the overall veracity of representative institutions.EC is constitutionally entrusted to work …

HISTORY – Daily Answer Writing Challenge

Topic: GUPTAN ERA Sites (40 words each) 1. Surat  2. Elephanta  3. Sopara  4. Kanheri  5. Karle  6. Bhoj  7. Junnar  8. Nelcynda  9. Muziris  10. Tyndis  11. Naura  12. Banavasi/Vaijayanti  13. Comari  14. Korkai  15. Madurai Next Topic POST GUPTA & REGIONAL KINGDOMS