Sociology-2014: Daily Answer Writing Challenge – 44

ARCHIVES 27 October 2014 1)  Write short notes on ALL  the following more than 200 words each: (a) The impact of democratization on the village community. (b) The social background of poverty. (c) Rural-urban migration. (d) The future of tribal culture. 2) Examine the role of caste as a pressure-group in contemporary Indian politics. (250 Words)

Sociology-2014: Answer Writing Challenge – 8

ARCHIVES 11 September 2014 Answer in 250 words: 1) Distinguish between tribe and caste bringing out the implications of the difference for  settlement pattern and community living. 2) Enumerate and explain the factors conducive to joint family and comment on its  prevalence/disappearance in rural India. 3)  Enumerate the forces affecting the jajmani system and examine …

Sociology -2014: Answer Writing Challenge – 5

ARCHIVES 08 September 2014 Answer in 400 words each: 1) What do you mean by empiricism? Examine the significance of empirical confirmation  in building sociological theory. 2) “Participant observation in many situations is nothing more than a case study.”  Comment. 3) Explain the basic features of the ex post facto research design and assess its …

Sociology -2014: Answer Writing Challenge – 3

ARCHIVES 05 September 2014 1) “The personality is formed, maintained and changed as the socialization process  moves along.” Explain. (400 Words) 2)  What functions does social conflict perform? Explain the nature of social conflict in  the developing countries today. (400 Words)

Sociology – 2014: Answer Writing Challenge – 1

ARCHIVES 03 September 2014 Substantiate, citing literature, the view that analysis of social stability and change has  been the main concern of classical sociologists. (400 Words) 2. Explain the view that the social system is a basic conceptual model useful in  understanding social organization. (400 Words)