Management – Daily Answer Writing Challenge – Day 5

QUESTIONS:30/10/2013 (Topics: Organizational  Behavior, HRM)  Do you think that empowerment is the key to successful total quality organization. Justify using suitable examples. (300 Words)  Describe the role played by theory of personality in understanding employee behaviour. (200 Words)  ARCHIVES Note: There would not be any ‘sources’ provided as per the new guidelines to come up …

Management – Daily Answer Writing Challenge Day – 3

QUESTIONS: 25/10/2013 (Topics: 1.2. Evolution of Management Thought.) 1. Do you think the general principles of management given by Fayol are still relevant in the modern organisations? (200 words) 2. How is Taylor’s research relevant to modern manufacturing industries? (200 words)  ARCHIVES REFERENCES Question 1 Question 2

Management – Daily Answer Writing Challenge Day – 2

QUESTIONS: 24/10/2013(Topic 1.3.. Decision making) Explain the concept of fit and stretch in decision making ? (150 words) Do you think social exploration as a tool can help managers in decision making (100 words) by Ashish Bhakuni ARCHIVES REFERENCES Question 1 Question 2

Management Daily Answer Writing Challenge Day-1

QUESTIONS: 23/10/2013 (Chapter –1.7.   Management of Innovation) Write an Analytical note on ‘Innovation management in Organisations. (150 words) Do you think whether management, as it is currently practiced, contributes much to creativity and innovation. What changes will allow managers, particularly in larger organizations, to add value to the creative process? (150 words) By – Ashish Bhakuni REFERENCES …

New Initiative – Management Optional Subject Daily Answer Writing Challenge (Guided)

From tomorrow we will start a new initiative of Daily Answer Writing Challenge for aspirants having Management as their Optional subject. What’s ‘new’ in this New Initiative? Just like the one on Science and Technology initiative, this will be ‘Managed’ by a person having hold on the subject. Ashsish Bhakuni (IIM, Lucknow) has come forward …