[ UPDATE ] INSTACOURSES – 2021: Prelims, Mains and IPM Test Series – 2021 for UPSC Civil Services Examination – 2021

InstaCourses – 2021 which comprises of Prelims, Mains and Integrated Prelims cum mains (IPM) test series are intended to provide an UPSC IAS aspirant with a tight plan that helps one to stay consistent and disciplined in their IAS exam preparation. If used well, one can clear UPSC IAS – 2021 exam with confidence. These test series programs were preferred choices of thousands of IAS toppers across India.

INSTACOURSES (IPM-2021): Features and Timetable of Integrated Prelims cum Mains (IPM) Test Series – 2021

FAQs Related to IPM-2021, Click Here Early bird offer – 10% discount (Limited Period till June 30) For old subscribers – 20% discount IPM 2021 Brochure(Click Here) https://youtu.be/jgIN_gVJx_s The IPM test series of InsightsIAS is disruptive methodology of Preparation towards Coveted Civil services Examination that guarantees success if wisely used from day one.  Abraham Lincoln is …