Insights Secure-2014: Questions On Current Events

ARCHIVES 22 April 2014 Answer ALL the questions in about 200 words 1. Should CAG be allowed to audit accounts of private companies? Comment on the concerns expressed on Supreme Court’s recent  judgement allowing CAG to audit accounts of private telecommunications companies. Business Standard The Hindu 2. With examples examine various factors that affect institutional procedures …

HISTORY – Daily Answer Writing Challenge

Topic: Themes in Ancient period Question  Discuss the ancient Indian contacts with South-East Asia with reference to causes, chronology and original home of the migrators. What was the impact of these contacts on the art of Kambuja and Java? (200 words) Next Topic Themes in Ancient period

PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION – Answer Writing Challenge

Topic: Riggsian models and their critique Question “Neither Edward Weidner nor Fred Riggs was able to describe the process of development administration adequately.”  Explain the drawbacks and weakness in their theoretical analyses. [CSM 2011/400 Words] Next Topic Riggsian models and their critique

POLITICAL SCIENCE – Daily Answer Writing Challenge

Topic: Paper 2 – Indian government and politics – Party system Question Analyse the changing socio economic profile of the legislators post independence.  or Do you agree there has been a democratisation of the indian parliament since independence. Explain. (300 Words). Next Topic Paper 2- Indian government and politics – Party system

HISTORY – Daily Answer Writing Challenge

Topic: POST GUPTA & REGIONAL KINGDOMS Question   Sites – 50 words each 1. Anuradhapura 2. Sigira 3.Nagapatnam 4. Kaveripatnam 5. Arikamedu 6. Mahabalipuram 7. Tanjavur 8. Gangaikonda Cholapuram 9. Uraiyur 10. Uttaramerur 11. Kanchi 12. Masolia 13. Ghantasala 14. Amaravati 15. Nagarjunakonda 16. Vengi Next Topic Themes in Ancient period

GEOGRAPHY – Answer Writing Challenge

Topic: PHYSICAL GEOGRAPHY – GEOMORPHOLOGY Question ”Offshore Acoustic Study helped the development of the concept of sea floor spreading.” Explain. (250 words/CSM 2013) Next Topic PHYSICAL GEOGRAPHY – GEOMORPHOLOGY


Topic: 9.1 – Human Genetics (Paper -I) Question  write notes on the following  (100 words each)               (a) Twin method               (b) Co-Twin method Next Topic 9.1 – Human Genetics (Paper -I)

PSYCHOLOGY – Daily Answer Writing Challenge

Topic: Psychology of Gender Question Evaluate the Contribution of Psychology in dealing with the issue of gender discrimination?  (200 words) Related  Current topic :  

General Studies – Daily Answer Writing Challenge

ARCHIVES April 18, 2014 Topic: World History: Communism Question: Critically examine the growth of communism in Eastern Europe and explain its effect on their economic growth. (200 Words) Reference Stanford Topic: Science and Technology Question “Breast cancer continues to remain a taboo issue in the country and has become a major impediment in early detection …

HISTORY – Daily Answer Writing Challenge

Topic: POST GUPTA & REGIONAL KINGDOMS Question  Examine the information of Fahien about the political, religious, social and economic conditions of India. Make a comparative study of his account with that of Hsuen-Tsang. (200 words) Next Topic POST GUPTA & REGIONAL KINGDOMS