ECONOMICS – Daily Answer Writing Challenge

Question 1. “The distinction between micro and macro economics is getting narrower and narrower day by day. Recent developments in economic theory suggest that there are micro foundations of macro-economics just as there are macro foundations of micro-economics.” Elucidate with adequate and appropriate references to economic analyses. Question 2. What is fiscal deficit? Comment on India’s …

GENERAL STUDIES – Daily Answer Writing Challenge

Question 1  Describe with examples the distinctive features of Indo-Islamic architecture in India. (200 Words) Question 2  Discuss the nature, form, and purpose of the literature produced by the Bhakti saints during Bhakti movement in medieval India. Tomorrow’s Topics Indian art forms

ECONOMICS – Daily Answer Writing Challenge

Question 1. Satisfying the conditions of Pareto- optimality is necessary but not sufficient for maximising social welfare. Comment. (200 words) Question 2. “Supply creates its own demand”. Compare and contrast the traditional versus the modern interpretation of the statement. (200 words)

ECONOMICS – Daily Answer Writing Challenge

Question 1 a)State and explain Coase theorem.  (150 words) b) What is money multiplier? What are its determinants? (150 words) Question 2 What is liquidity trap? Explain the trap from the standpoint of both Demand for money and supply of money considered separately. Examine the policy implications of existence of trap. (200 words)

Insights Daily Answer Writing Challenge – Day – 41

QUESTIONS – DAY – 41 (GENERAL STUDIES – III) How does the Parliament control the financial system in India? (250 Words) Highlight the significance of the 24th Amendment to the Constitution of India? (250 Words) Recent India – Bhutan relations (150 Words)   RULES ARCHIVES