Book Review: Does The Elephant Dance – David Malone

(This is the first article under our New Initiative launched yesterday. We are happy that aspirants are responding. Congrats to Prasoon for being the first person to send us his review of a book. We hope others get inspiration and start sending us their articles) Reviewed By – Prasoon Kaushik Does The Elephant Dance –Contemporary …

Buy History and Polity Books at Cheapest Price Ever – Independence Day Offer from Flipkart and Amazon

Books on modern Indian history and politics have become indispensable for a civil services aspirant. This is the best time to buy them. With the arrival of Amazon in India, other players (Flipkart)  in the segment have gone paranoid it seems, whatever, benefit is for the customers. This offer is valid for 4 days I …

5 Books Every Serious IAS Aspirant And Bureaucrats Must Read

Every serious IAS aspirant must know beforehand what awaits him once he enters the ‘system’. Almost ever year, a retired bureaucrat or a diplomat pens an autobiography recollecting all the bad old memories and present them to the reader in the hope that his experiences might shed some light on the working of the ‘system’ …

15 Most Popular Motivational Books – To Help You Succeed In Both Personal And Professional Life

We keep facing failures no matter how rich or poor we are, or how much motivated or inspired we are.  Failures are good omens that come across our lives to set the course of life on correct path; only if we are willing to learn from our mistakes. To learn from failures, we need motivation …

15 Best Books On India – Those One Should Read To Understand India

Here is a list of 15 books on India written by both Indians and foreigners that one should read to understand India better. It is not an exhaustive list, but a representation of diverse opinions in the form of books from various personalities on India. This list is drawn from my own experience and also from various …


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