Anthropology-2014: Answer Writing Challenge – 16

ARCHIVES 30 October 2014 Q1. In what ways is Functionalism different from Structural Functionalism? (350 words, 20 marks) Reference: Q2. Bring out the contribution of Turner and Geertz in symbolic and interpretive theories in Anthropology. (250 words, 15 works) Reference: Q3. Point out the differences in the concepts of classical evolution and neo-evolutionism in socio-cultural …

Anthropology – 2014: Answer Writing Challenge – 9

ARCHIVES 10 September 2014 Answer in 400 words: 1. Describe the range of locomotive behavior of contemporary non human primates and state how does this help in understanding the Structural – functional correlations of their limb structure. 2. Discuss the relationship of Anthropology with psychology and medicine.

Anthropology-2014 – Answer Writing Challenge – 7

ARCHIVES 08 September 2014 1) Distinguish between major categories of Australopithecines. How are Australopithecines different from Apes? (30 Marks – 2009) 2) The upper Paleolithic period provides evidence of their co-existence with modern man. Discuss. (30 Marks – 2008)

Anthropology – 2014 – Daily Answer Writing Challenge – 2

ARCHIVES 02 September 2014   Answer the following in 200 words:   1) Role of Primatology in Anthropological studies. (10 Marks 2013) 2)  Give a broad outline of Patheolithic culture emphasizing upon its tool technology (20 Marks 2013) 3)  Discuss how Neo-Darwinism integrated the fields of Genetics and Evolution (20 Marks 2013)  


Topic: Human Evolution and emergence of Man Question Discus the single source versus multi-source of the origin of Homo-sapiens. Which of the two hypotheses do you think is more tenable.? Give reasons to support your answer. (200 words) Next Topic Human Evolution and emergence of Man