Reasons for low participation of women in political system

  • Prejudice: Ironically it exists among both men and women – against genuine equality. It is believed that male legislators have the gumption to fulfill election manifesto more than women.
  • About half the world’s population feel men make better political leaders as per UNDP Gender Social Norms Index.
  • Another major factor is familial support to pursue political career for women. In India, it is most often those women who have a political background that enter into electoral arena.
  • Role of Money power in politics makes it harder for women to enter the political forum.
  • 24% of parliamentary seatsworldwide are held by women, and there are only 10 female heads of government out of a possible 193. This shows the dearth of women representation in politics.
  • The unhealthy political environment: For instance In this recent MeToo movement, a journalist Priya Ramani accused Union Minister of state of external affairs, MJ Akbar of sexual harassment.
  • On the reserved seats, at the local level, political leaders take positions in the name of their wife, and after winning elections, actual power is used by their male counterparts instead of women. (Concept of sarpanch pati raj/pati panchayat phenomenon)