Way Forward in women and health

  • Multisectoral Approach:
    • In order to ensure good health of women, the same should be tackled at multi sectoral level such as eradication of child marriages, access to contraceptives and healthcare facilities at all levels.
    • Maternal healthcare is no doubt important, but healthcare for women across her life span is where the focus should be the most.
    • Promoting better health, regular screening and preventive care are the areas that require attention.
  • Proximity to Healthcare Facilities:
    • There is reluctance on part of women themselves to prioritise their health.
    • Women access health facilities if it is available near their homes as they can barely take out time for themselves due to their multiple roles.
    • The mantra to ensure that women access healthcare facilities is to have reliable and good healthcare facilities near women.
  • Combined Efforts:
    • The empowerment shall come from within facilitated by the family members. Women must also prioritise their health and be aware of the facilities that are being provided to them by the government.
    • For pregnant women, regular check-ups are mandatory and through these visits, their anaemia should be taken care of and ensure childbirths under safe circumstances.
    • Also the mindset of males in the society needs to be changed and they must also be educated.
    • Education is very critical to promote good health for women and eventually for all.

A healthy society cannot be created if the health needs of women are neglected as they are the bedrock of a healthy society. Ensuring good health of women is not just a personal but national priority. India and its economy need a healthy women workforce because increasing women’s labour force participation by 10 percentage points could add about 700 billion dollars to India’s GDP by 2025.