Problems faced by LGBTQ due to discrimination

  • Far away from gay pride parades, meet-ups and heated discussions on Twitter, families in rural India have their own ways of dealing with LGBT individuals.
  • In some parts, secret honour killings are planned so that the only way for a young gay man to survive is to run away in the cover of the night to some city, with no money or social support.
  • Hate crimes against LGBTQ individuals are still shockingly prevalent across the country.
  • Village medics and babas often prescribe rape to cure lesbians of homosexuality. Refusal to marry brings more physical abuse. Stories of family acceptance that one sees on TV and other media are more of an urban phenomenon.
  • A recent study found that one of the major factors that results in the stigmatization of LGBT people is parental reaction towards homosexuality. The study goes on to conclude that most LGBT people are acceptable to family only if they agree to behave like heterosexuals.
  • LGBTQ individuals were sent to psychiatric wards when they came out to their families.
  • Families that accept their identities put many restrictions in the way they choose to dress and interact with their partners.
  • In the absence of family support, online groups and social media have offered accessible alternatives to form a community outside of family. Platforms like Gaysi and Gaylaxy, and publishers like Queer Ink have helped carve out spaces for LGBT people to interact, share and collaborate.