Online education as a supplement to Traditional Educational Institutes

  • OE can play as a supplement to on-site education.
  • It can use content and methods that are hard to include in the normal curriculum. It can put pressure on lazy or incompetent teachers.
  • It can provide hands-on experience in many technical fields where simulations are possible.
  • And it can, of course, be a powerful accessory for affluent students able to afford expensive aids.
  • But it is fraudulent to suggest that OE can replace public education, the only kind that the majority can access.

To summarize, education must continue. Students should keep learning. The lockdown period should be productive. Educators should think creatively and introduce innovative ways of learning. In a country where access to the Internet and high-speed connectivity is a problem, and the digital divide is an issue, it is important to address the challenges. Those who are involved in education planning and administration should give a serious thought to reducing the digital divide in the country and popularize digital learning along with traditional education.