Way forward for Native language in education

  • The NEP outlines the road map, demonstrating to us the means to protect our languages while improving the access and quality of our education.
  • We must begin with imparting primary education (at least until Class 5) in the student’s mother tongue, gradually scaling it up.
  • For professional courses, while the initiative of the 14 engineering colleges is commendable, we need more such efforts all across the country.
  • Private universities must join hands and offer a few bilingual courses to begin with.
  • A welcome development in this regard is the collaboration between the AICTE and IIT Madras to translate SWAYAM’s courses in eight regional languages such as Tamil, Hindi, Telugu, Kannada, Bengali, Marathi, Malayalam and Gujarati.
  • This will be a major boost for engineering students and help them transition more smoothly to an English-dominated curriculum in later years.
  • We need more such tech-led initiatives to really democratise higher education.