Way forward for Higher Education in India

  • Research cannot be improved merely by regulating universities, instead they need efforts to create enabling atmospherefor which it is imperative to grant more autonomy, better funding and new instruments to regulate work ethic.
  • New initiativeslike Hackathon, curriculum reform, anytime anywhere learning through SWAYAM, teacher training are all aimed at improving quality. These need to be effectively implemented.
  • As India wants to transform its universities into world class institutions, it must safeguard the interests of young researchers and thousands of temporary faculty members by expediting the permanent appointments in a time-bound framework and transparent manner.
  • Establish world-class multidisciplinary research universities
  • Create a master planfor every state and union territory
  • Each state must establish an integrated higher education master planto provide an excellent education for all its residents.
  • Attract the best and the brightest talent to be faculty members
  • One of the fundamental changes India must institutionalize is a radically new compensationand incentive structure for faculty members. A flexibility to pay differential salaries based on market forces and merit must be part of this transformation.
  • Thus a complete revamp is neededto meet the present demand and address the future challenge that India is about to face.
  • To reap the diverse culture demographic dividendand to maintain peace and social harmony among them quality education with values are the necessary area to focus.

The higher education is facing many challenges as pointed above, most the challenges are difficult but are not impossible to resolve. Our goal to be a world power, the resolving and restructuring of higher education is must, then only we will be able to harness the human potential and resources of nation to the fullest and channelize it for the growth of the Youth is the most important asset for a country their future is the future of the Nation. So, the government must be compelled to provide basic education and skills.