Role of NCPCR

The role played by NCPCR become very important in such circumstance as it is mandated to examine and review the safeguards provided by or under any law for the time being in force for the protection of child rights and recommend measures for their effective implementation and inquire into violation of child rights and recommend initiation of proceedings in such cases among other things:

  • The NCPCR has recently written to the education departments of states and union territories to ensure that during the lockdownno child should be subjected to any kind of harassment from school authorities on account of payment of school fee.
  • The positive role of National Commission for the protection of child rights has been reported many a time. For example, in 2007, it took initiatives to protect school children from harsh corporal punishments.
  • The involvement and assistance of Panchayat Raj Institution in child protectionmatters with the commission has made commendable results. For example, in Meghalaya, 132 cases of children missing were reported through the initiative of local Panchayats.
  • Another notable, instance is that the NCPCR had submitted its reports towards the strategies for protection of child rightsespecially for abolition of child labour in Eleventh plan.
  • Again, the commission has started a helpline on educationin the light of the rights of children free and compulsory education act, 2009.

In another instance, on a complaint filed by a local college student, of Nawanshahr, the NCPCR has asked the chief election commissioner of India to issue necessary instructions to the authorities concerned