Way Forward

  • A better and more effective approach to limit the influence of hoaxes on WhatsApp and other platforms is to increase media literacy.
  • Data leaks at Facebook and Uber in the recent past have proven that the encryption has to be so high.
  • The government should bring out a policy framework on the possible harm due to the internet messaging platforms to engage at a deeper level.
  • The need of the hour is to tackle the gendered aspect of online abuse and uphold the rights of women in India.
  • The media Wing of the Information and Broadcasting Ministry has been assisting various arms of the government in keeping an eye on activities on various social media platforms. Such practices must be encouraged at all scales and institutions.
  • Several Social Media houses have put up a mix of automated and human driven editorial processes to promote or filter certain types of content.
  • These Artificial Intelligence units will automatically flash the danger of mis reporting every time an image or news is shared. This practice must be strengthened and disseminated.



As India is not a surveillance state, there must not be any illegal or unconstitutional check on the right to privacy and freedom of speech and expression which are the fundamental rights of every citizen.

There must be a balance as the Constitutions itself has provided several limitations on one’s right to speech and expression.

Social Media Platforms can provide safeguards in the event that democratic processes are being intentionally disrupted or harmful falsehoods are spreading, it can help people find out what is true.