Positive Impact of Social Media

  • “The Power of Social Media is that, it forces Necessary Change.”
  • It is generally agreed that social media provided crucial source of news during the Arab Spring.
  • It helped in creating awareness about several issues, eg the fight for LGBTQ rights etc.
  • Social media has definitely made us closer to other parts of the world.
  • WhatsApp is important for rural users, as it helps them cheaply connect to family members far away and send pictures of their products to clients across India.
  • Social media platforms provide a platform to raise their voice against injustice and inequality. Voices previously excluded from conversations can now find a channel.Positive Impact of Social Media
  • A few decades ago, if a farmer died due to non-repayment of loans, only the family mourned for the loss. Today if the same happens, the entire nation seems to empathize with the death of such farmers.
  • Social media have increasingly been adopted by politicians, political activists and social movements as a means to engage, organize and communicate with citizens.