National Security Directive on Telecom Sector

  • On December 16, 2020 the Cabinet Committee on Security headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave its approval for a National Security Directive on the Telecommunication Sector (NSDTS) that will impact the digital and telecom ecosystem in the country. 
  • The NSDTS is aimed at preserving the integrity of the supply chain under which the government will declare a list of trusted sources and trusted products for installation in the country’s telecom networks. There will also be a list of designated sources from where no procurement is to be made.
  • Those which meet the criteria of the Department of Telecom’s preferential market access scheme (PMA) will be certified as “India Trusted sources”.
  • While other nations have created a black-list of companies that cannot operate in the country, India is the only nation to create a white-list of telecom companies that are allowed to operate in India.
  • The National Security Committee on Telecom will take measures to increase use of equipment from Indian trusted sources.
  • This will give a boost to the use of indigenous products in the telecom networks. It will strengthen the domestic industry and national security of India.