PSLV-C51 launch

PSLV-C51 was successfully launched by ISRO recently.

This was the 53rd flight of ISRO’s launch vehicle and the first dedicated mission of its commercial arm, NewSpace India Ltd.

The mission was undertaken under a commercial arrangement with Spaceflight Inc., U.S.


Satellites onboard:

It carried 19 satellites (Including Brazil’s optical earth observation satellite, Amazonia-1, and 18 co-passenger satellites — five from India and 13 from the U.S.).

Amazonia-1 is the first fully Brazilian-made satellite, which would help to monitor the Amazon forests.

The Amazonia-1 was injected into its precise orbit of 758 km in a sun-synchronous polar orbit.

The satellites from India are:

The Satish Dhawan SAT (SDSAT) built by Space Kidz India. It has an engraving of Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the top panel.A nano-satellite intended to study the radiation levels, space weather and demonstrate long-range communication technologies.

The UNITYsat, a combination of three satellites for providing radio relay services.Another satellite belonging to the DRDO.