Semi-conductors and integrated layouts

Law – Semi-conductors and integrated Layout design Act, 2000

Ministry – Department of Electronics and I.T, Ministry of Communication and I.T.

A semiconductor layout design means a layout of transistors and other circuitry elements and includes lead wires connecting such elements and expressed in any manner in semiconductor integrated circuits.

The first registration under the Semiconductor Integrated Circuits Layout-Design Act, 2000 was granted in October 2014. It is expected that the industry will make increased use of this right to protect integrated circuit layout designs.

Under this, a SICLD registry has been created where layout designs of integrated circuit chips can be registered. The Registrar will determine the originality of the design based on the information available with him as also through the mechanism of advertisement of the application for registration of the layout-design and or any input he may receive. On registration, protection is granted for 10 years.