Application of Biotechnology in Food Processing

  • Biotechnology has a major application in the food sector.
  • Bread, cheese, wine, beer, yogurt, and vinegar are all made by culturing microorganisms and are really the oldest products of biotechnology.
  • It helps in improving the edibility, texture, and storage of the food; in preventing the attack of the food, mainly dairy, by the virus like bacteriophage.
  • Biotechnologists are also developing tests that will allow the detection of food-contaminating microorganisms and the toxins they produce, which may be present only in minute quantities.
  • Biotechnology also has applications in the detection of mutagens (substances that cause genetic mutations) in individual food products.
  • GM crops which have been approved for use in food items in select countries include corn, maize, soya, tomato, potato and papaya.
  • Latest innovations in biotechnology that fortify major staples with micro nutrients like vitamin A, zinc and iron can be game changers for hunger problem in India.