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11 Replies to “SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY – 2014”

  1. Dear Insight Team,

    Thanks for all the efforts you are doing to improve our writing skills.

    I am writing some answers in S&T section. but I feel sometimes that the questions are too deep or technical for UPSC paper.

    It take nearly half and hour to answer 2-3 questions on this section. So I am feeling exhausted by writing technical question.

    Can you provide more relevant questions – little general questions like few asked in last year paper?

    Thanks again.

    1. @Shanky

      Have you seen previous years papers?

      If you have then your concern has no validation. Kindly look into it.

      UPSC has asked about so many trivial questions ofcourse “technical”. Ill cite few of them here for your reference because you said to include questions of UPSC standard and general.

      Comment on Analog, Hybrid and IP systems in CCTV technology- 2011
      What is Mad Cow Disease? 1997
      Comment on Arsenic Bug and the significance of its discoveries-2011
      Short notes on Blue Gene Project, Wolfarm Alpha, Root Kit, malware, Firewall and many more……..

      These all are technical 🙂 Purpose of SnT on this website is to provide all the relevant issues and topics which are strictly part of the syllabus only. Just cross check them.

  2. Can you please post the compilation of all S&T questions published on this site along with answers as was done last year. Your compendium last year had a lot of similar questions in the actual UPSC mains. Also, it would be of great help. Thanks.

  3. please upload s&t questions from march to september as it imp for mains

    i hope u consider my request as soon as possible

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