Prelims – 2016 Self Study Tests


Following tests are based on Insights Revision Plan for UPSC civil services Preliminary exam – 2016. Every day, tests will be posted at around 9.30 pm.

You can find detailed Timetable HERE.

  1. Prelims REVISION Test – 1
  2. Prelims REVISION Test – 2
  3. Prelims REVISION Test – 3
  4. Prelims REVISION Test – 4
  5. Prelims REVISION Test – 5
  6. Prelims REVISION Test – 6
  7. Prelims REVISION Test – 7
  8. Prelims REVISION Test – 8
  9. Prelims REVISION Test – 9
  10. Prelims REVISION Test  – 10
  11. Prelims REVISION Test – 11
  12. Prelims REVISION Test – 12
  13. Prelims REVISION Test – 13
  14. Prelims REVISION Test – 14
  15. Prelims REVISION Test – 15
  16. Prelims REVISION Test – 16
  17. Prelims REVISION Test – 17
  18. Prelims REVISION Test – 18
  19. Prelims REVISION Test – 19
  20. Prelims REVISION Test – 20
  21. Prelims REVISION Test – 21
  22. Prelims REVISION Test – 22
  23. Prelims REVISION Test – 23
  24. Prelims REVISION Test – 24
  25. UPDATE
  26. Prelims REVISION Test – 27
  27. Prelims REVISION Test – 28
  28. Prelims REVISION Test – 29
  29. Prelims REVISION Test – 30
  30. Prelims REVISION Test – 31
  31. Prelims REVISION Test – 32
  32. Prelims REVISION Test – 33
  33. Prelims REVISION Test – 34
  34. Prelims REVISION Test – 35
  35. Prelims REVISION Test – 36
  36. Prelims REVISION Test – 37
  37. Prelims REVISION Test – 38
  38. Prelims REVISION Test – 39
  39. Prelims REVISION Test – 40
  40. Prelims REVISION Test – 41
  41. Prelims REVISION Test – 42
  42. Prelims REVISION Test – 43
  43. Full Length Free Mock Test – 1
  44. Full Length Free Mock Test – 2
  45. Full Length Free Mock Test – 3
  46. Full Length Free Mock Test – 4
  47. Full Length Free Mock Test – 5
  48. Important Extra Questions – 1
  49. Important Extra Questions – 2

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  1. Thank you so much insight.. we are doing hard work for self but you guys are doing hardest effort selflessly .. hats off

    1. Sorry, No offence, but I think What insights is doing is much than what demanded by us, Further demands can put strain on relations! hope you understand what i mean, and once again no Offence, just an independent opinion!

        1. Never, Freedom of speech & Expresion! It’s just an opinion and so is yours’ 🙂

  2. thanks …..for timely restart of Insight test series 2nd retaking test…

  3. Could you please give us PDF of these questions.. It will be good if we revise these important questions at the time of exam.. 🙂

      1. Thanks Bhai….nice work…milestone help for us…lage raho yarr..GOD bless u Dear…?????

          1. I m fine yarr…katal ki kyu bhai…??

            Aazadi ki bol…if we make our gr8 shot…thenn..NEVER STOP TRYING bro..all d best…??

      2. After 37, its 42. there is no pdf available for 38, 39, 40 and 41!
        if you can please check, it will be great 🙂

    1. Stop being a free Coz of peer pressure he might not able to say no to u for PDFs but its ur morality plz don’t ask for what he paid ,its his possesion and if u want u can spend equal money..or can make a partner . and for those who upvoted u must understand its not abt just PDFs its abt ur mental faculty and ur attitudes..

      1. Oh.. Now I got it.. You are new to insightsonindia.. Paid prelims series and prelims self study are two different things.. I have already opted for prelims test series and paid 6000 rupees.. and asked for PDF for Insights free revision test.. which you can also take freely by clicking links given above.. and people upvoted me because they also want pdf for these exam oriented important questions.. Please if you dont know about something first check, ask, discuss and then comment.. KWAR

          1. Ya ur mistake..dis revision yest n daily basis is free of cost md d other dat we opted last year costs ₹6000and he is not posting d questions of the paid tests

    2. We could directly convert it into pdf format after getting the solutions. This feature is in every insights page.

          1. It was posted at 9.30 itself. To receive instant update, please enter your email ID in the box given (right side above) and subscribe. 🙂

            Thank you.

    1. It was posted at 9.30 itself. To receive instant update, please enter your email ID in the box given (right side above) and subscribe. 🙂

      Thank you.

      1. refreshing, waiting, refreshing, waiting, reading comments, butterflies, refreshing, waiting!!! 😀

  4. q 1) Under the Wildlife (protection) Act 1972, Nilgai and Wild Pig have been declared as vermins

    wild pig vermin in uttarkhand state ony, not for entire india, so statement 1 is incorrect. in southern states wild pig is not a vermin.

  5. Excellent work from Insights team.
    Please try to provide the pdf of questions with detailed answers so that the answers can be cross checked and be revised at a later time.

  6. hi good afternoon all , can someone pls post the link from where i can download the PIB MoEF report 2015 , not able to download from the given link

    1. wil u update all future test here?
      means is that link wil allow me to save whtever u add in that?
      or for each tiem separate link.?
      try to manage in this only.. so that no need to search u after each one 😛

      1. yaa its my pleasure to share with u guys…..all future update will be here….

  7. Anyone here who is working and also aiming to follow this timetable ? I have read a few topics but would be reading some (eg: environment, art and culture) for the first time and thus looking to see how is someone who unfortunately doesn’t have the entire day for the prep looking to accomplish this timetable. Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi..
      I can understand how much difficult it is to manage both. Even I could not read art n culture and environment ,even economy is not fully done yet 🙁
      What I have planned is to cover the questions given in quiz comprehensively like trying to grasp info about other options too or any related topic if I feel. Cover as many questions as possible. you can refer iasbaba quiz too.
      Hope it will help. All the best ..:)

      1. Thanks for the pepping up Ekta! Agree with your approach of covering as many questions as possible; I am also planning to take the “Last 21 Years GS Prelims Question Bank” to add to my repository.

        By the way, there isn’t any option here of messaging you directly instead of posting it here and spamming everyone’s feed, right ? Would love to pick your brains on a few other things!

        All the Best 🙂

        1. I don’t know about any such options. You can try posting your doubts. My knowledge level is not that good. If not me, someone else will surely respond. After all this platform is for helping each other.

          1. Hi Ekta,
            Have you taken the prelims test series ? If yes, then could you please share your email; could pick your brains on a few things – would do it over email instead of spamming the wall here!

  8. Great quality questions INSIGHT. Thanx for showing the importance of NCERT and Ministry reports at right time.

  9. Can someone provide PDF’s that can be saved? Thanks! The ones provided by @disqus_uidcftCgaQ:disqus are opening but not getting saved on pc and showing an error.

  10. @IN@InsightsOnIndia:disqus can you upload pdf of these test.. It might be helpful for revision. & Thank you very much for such great initiative.. Grateful _/_

  11. Sir please provide a link / access /pdf to store d mcqs n explainations for revisio

      1. Sorry but the link shows error?Any other way to access or could you please resend the link

                1. attempted last year without preparation…….
                  this year i hv started preparation

                    1. self study at home not in delhi..:)
                      and joined Insight test series 2016…

                    2. may i ask for ur mail id?
                      i wil ask few things there..
                      here adm wil feel awkward abt such talks .. 🙂
                      i wil note dwn mail id.. n wil tell u delete ..

                    3. may i ask ur help in insights pre test paid series?
                      but cant ask here.. gmail comfortable fr u?
                      m preparing alone .. n away from all env .. so help ki jarurat h..
                      if u feel comfortable then drop a mail to me :

          1. thanks !!
            how was test?
            getting 26 to 32 range .. til now.. with leaving few..

              1. right .. improve krna hoga.. but may b its bcz sare ref padh k nahi ho rhe hain so 😛
                may i ask u fr mail id? there i can ask u few queries .. here insights wud feel chit chat 🙁

      1. i thought post dec wil be enuf fr me to do in these less days..
        if i have collected pre dec.. then i wud nt have done this post dec? when it becomes much imp..

      1. mnthly? that much sufficient?
        means last 2-3 yrs que were done from there? along with raw material which we r doing here..

        1. Yes monthly current affairs has Culture part also …. The way you asked “culture part from the hindu since december ” for that…

          In general what I have seen in previous papers..there are generally no current affair questions from culture…
          You can check previous year questions yourself….In fact do cover the previous year questions mainly for culture and environment

          Next whether this is sufficient or not :- Insights timetable has Tamil Nadu Board History and Fine Art Ncert etc…these are comprehensive provided we remember those facts mentioned in these books..

          1. ok ! i do refer vision mnthly… i thought que from last 2-3 yrs .. few of them from current context..
            gi tag
            place of pilgrimages (match pairs)
            sculptures: kashmir region
            i thought they came from current..
            if vision n this much revision plan sources r sufficient with little digging from our side .. then its fine 🙂

          2. hmm right… i did checked them.. i thought they were from current… so concerned.. its ok ! with raw n vision n insights… this much enuf in this much tight schedule 🙂

  12. I found these quizzes quite helpful too :

    ForumIAS par bhi quizzes available hain. Which ones are better ? Any reviews ?

    Any other website where such free quizzes are available ? Plz help guys.. I’m a newbie wrt UPSC prep..

  13. i think the test syllabus is not correct they have mistakenly put next monday question on this monday

      1. Each day the questions are based on previous day’s syllabus…Its given in time table …look closely

  14. hey can any one provide the links to upsc previous years question papers for the years 2009-2013…the link mentioned by insights is nt working …

        1. Check your mail… i hv sent past 20 years papers… Good Luck

          1. hey thanks but due to some reason m unable to access my mail cud u plazz send it to …and one thing i do nt need of CSP only what i want is upsc previous years exams conducted by upsc which was mentioned by INSIGHTONINDIA site but inaccessible 🙁

    1. Hi Ankita, if you have found any such link could you please share it with me? I am trying to look for the same.


  16. Please remove CSAT questions from these tests (and conduct them separately), we are writing this after reading the said schedule, let us judge our performance in GS alone, it is affecting the score 🙁 So disappointing!

  17. hey friends…can any one add the link of ncert class 11..introduction to indian art…

  18. Thank you insights for the great initiative….it will be very much appreciable if you put at least comprehension daily……Thank you.

  19. Can anyone please suggest as to where I could find solved previous 10 years UPSC prelims papers?

  20. great initiative… its easy to revise and trying to compl as in timetable …gives completness atleast 70% for me…thank u insights

  21. Hello Insights ias,

    My name is Padma can someone from hyderabad who are very genuine and serious aspirant can add me in your group.
    My number is 7093496393

    1. rather then joining a group..keep in touch with like minded people regarding preparation and discuss among yourself. group thing never works

          1. Thanks. Could you send across your email id please; have a few more questions – guess, might be better to ask you over there than spamming the wall here!

  22. Can you please include a line or two in the explanation instead of just mentioning the page number of the book as we might have referred different sources than suggested here? It would be of great help!

  23. Dear Insights,

    Thank you for the amazing work

    Just a small suggestion : Some of us might not have read all the sources you have recommended and to cover such sources we depend on the test so it would be amazing if you paste the explanation in the solutions instead of just the page number


  24. This is to inform the insights prelims test series subscribers that the corrigendum for Test 1-10 has been posted on the discussion page for Test 24….

    Please go through it and pass on the message so that every one can get it ….because I don’t know how many of the students visit the page regularly…..

  25. hy please suggest…i’m revising modern india(old)ncert + spectrum modern india…will this be sufficient….m not at peace since few days cz m not getting enough time to go through india’s struggle for independence…help me please..:-

  26. pls help someone i want to fill my user profile but is asking for website i mentioned it but its not valid it say ……

  27. pls sir launch a special series dedicated to mapping , national parks , govt. schemes , gov. departments , international organisations… in short compilation of all factual areas..

  28. can i shift my test series(2016) for next session 2017. I didnt attend even a single test yet.

  29. Hey guys,
    Need help.
    I have done Laxmi Polity(read 2-3 times), Bipan chandra(1-2 times). History NCERTs(Our pasts-1,2,3 and Themes in hist-1&2), Geography NCERT class 11 and 12.
    Will it be sufficient for prelims 2016 or should i skip and write next year ??
    Please give suggestions. Thanks

    1. Acc to me this is extremely good,,, for prelims nw do test series and GK,,,, u can go for this time,,

        1. still you hve time,,,,side by side try to finish portion of eco and env and solve test as much as possible,,,
          you cn do that,,,

  30. Hi everyone, don’t you think these daily tests are a bit too easy? I don’t really know but I also attempted other tests on both online/offline platforms and I feel they are of a considerable difficulty level compared to insights daily tests as well as the prelims test series. Of course Insights is doing really great by providing us free of cost revision daily which is very good for strengthening our core basics but does UPSC ask only basic fundamental questions? I am a bit worried as UPSC is very unpredictable. Can anybody guide me on this? Thanks a lot. (Disclaimer: I owe it all to insights and I love this website and in no way am I downplaying their role, its only that I’m posting this question because I have a genuine concern).

  31. hi insights pls inculcate previous year upsc papers in ur test series eg 2015 paper as test no. 33 and so on .. i thnk this will be of immense benefit for aspirants…..

  32. dear admin plz arrange gist of economy survey,budget,most important MOEF REPORT 2016
    FOR THIS we will always kind

  33. Can someone solve please? I know it will cover the disc in 10 revolutions. But the answer is 11?

    1. Hi mobility…
      No of revolutions made by the cir.. coin is 10 so it is selfevident that coin has rotated 10 revolutions.

      I am not sure this is the correct explanation or not, if you have any other thoughts kindly share

  34. Could someone provide to vision prelims all tests link….not only 10 or 12, thanks in advance.

  35. Q.55 of SET-C: In the South Atlantic and South Eastern Pacific regions in tropical latitudes, cyclone does not originate. What is the reason?
    The most appropriate answer is option (A) low sea surface temperature but in UPSC key the answer is (B), even in insight and almost all other institutes have mentioned (A) to be correct one, kindly clarify
    Regarding CAT on this platform of insight it was mentioned that the pertinent is a constitutional body but in an MCQ in Laxmikanth it is mentioned that CAT is a statutory body,please clarify
    Thanks in advance

  36. how many people attempt the test series on…….do anyone of u have an idea ……….I ask this because they give u a ranking after the test………but it does not say out of how many people and as u all are well aware prelims is about comparitive merit……….so please tell me if u have an idea

  37. What is common between the teachings of Gautam Buddha and Mahavira? 1. Both emphasized upon Ahimsa 2. Both rejected existence of soul 3. Both rejected existence of god

    1. Dear solo kahanse padha hai ye aapne? Jain philosophy to based hi is baat pe hai ki kan-kan me soul hai chahe wo tinka hi kyu na ho.

  38. Test 4 :: Question.2 Regarding Dharwar rock system.. Is north-western India a part of it? or is it the archean/purana & Vindhyan rock system present in North Western India.. ? Confused..

  39. why editorial, mindmaps, synopsis, lok sabha articles are stopped posted by insight?
    I think insight don’t want to help students?
    Tell insight whats the issue why not posting

  40. I scored 110-115 in all of 5 mock tests, and I solved all of them first time.
    I request Insightians to tell me, if I stand chance in Prelims? Whats the difficulty level of Insights tests like?

  41. I cannot find the solutions for free mock test 5, imp questions 1 & 2. Has it been uploaded to the google drive yet?

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