Right to freedom of religion

Right to freedom of religion

Article 25: Freedom of conscience and free profession, practice and propagation of religion

  • No forcible conversions allowed
  • Available to both citizens and non-citizens
  • Covers both rituals and practices
  • It guarantees rights of individuals
  • State can regulate these religious institutions
  • State can provide for social welfare and reform


Article 26: Freedom to manage religious affairs

  • To establish institutions
  • To manage its religious affairs
  • To own property
  • To administer such property
  • It guarantees rights of religious denominations
  • These are not subject to other provisions relating to FR

Religious denomination

  • Group of people with common belief
  • Common organization
  • Distinctive name


Article 27: Freedom of taxation for promotion of a religion

  • It prohibits levy of a tax and not fee


Article 28: Freedom from attending religious instruction

  • Institution wholly setup by use of state funds: prohibited
  • Institution administered by state but established by a trust: allowed
  • Institutions recognized by a state: voluntary basis
  • Institution receiving aid from state: voluntary basis