Effecting certain fundamental rights

Article 35: effecting certain fundamental rights

The parliament shall have the rights and the state legislature shall not have the right to make laws in the following provisions:

  1. Prescribing residence as a condition for certain employments or appointments in a union territory or local authority or other authority
  2. Empowers courts other than Supreme Court and high courts to issue directions, orders and writs of all kinds
  3. Restricting or abrogating the application of fundamental rights to members of armed forces, police forces etc
  4. Indemnifying any government or any other person for any act done during the operation of martial law in any area
  5. Punishment for acts involving untouchability
  6. Traffic in human beings and forced labour

• Any law in force at the commencement of the constitution with respect to matters mentioned above will continue to be in force until altered or repealed or amended by the Parliament

• Article 31 which contained right guaranteeing a citizen or a non-citizen, right against deprivation of his property. However, this act was removed through 44th constitutional amendment act. However, right to property is now only a legal right (protection of private property against executive action but not against legislative action)