DPSP and Amendments

 42nd Constitutional Amendment, 1976 Added four new DPSP

Article 39: To secure opportunities for healthy development of children

Article 39A: To provide free legal aid to the poor.

Article 43A: Participation of workers in management of Industries.K1M

Article 48A: To protect and improve the environment.

 44th Constitutional Amendment, 1978 Article 38: to minimize inequalities in income, status, facilities and opportunities
 86th Amendment Act of 2002 changed the subject-matter and made elementary education a fundamental right under Article 21A. The amendment directed state to provide early childhood care until the completion of six years
 97th amendment act of 2011 Article 43B: cooperative societies

DPSPs were made non-justiciable because of following Reasons:

  • Country did not possess sufficient financial powers to implement them all
  • Diversity could stand in the way of their implementation
  • The newly independent state should be free to decide their implementation as the per the state of society rather than a blanket imposition by constituent assembly