Significance of ULB

  1. Addressing the needs of citizens
    • The United nations projections suggest that India’s urban population will increase from about 461 million in 2018, to 877 million in 2050
    • Under such a growth scenario, the ULBs need to play a significant role in financing public services such as providing safe drinking water, affordable housing, public transport. Wastewater treatment, solid waste management etc.
  2. Creation of Urban Infrastructure for Economic growth
    • Urban settlements act as engines of growth and generate ‘agglomeration economies’ by supplying requisite infrastructure. Construction & Maintenance of such infrastructure requires adequate capital investment from ULBs
  3. Role in Disaster management
    • Cities are exposed to high risk from natural and climate change related hazards
    • And thus, local governments are usually the first responders and their first-hand knowledge of community’s social, economic, infrastructure and environmental needs, help them to provide support in a disaster and carry out relief, rehabilitation and reconstruction activities
  4. To mitigate and adopt them to climate change
    • ULBs need to invest in resilient infrastructure, green technologies, clean energy etc.
  5. To help better implement developmental schemes
    • Successful implementation of missions like Smart city mission, AMRUT, HRIDAY etc, finally rests on ULBs efficacy in resource mobilisation and service delivery
    • Hence, financial empowerment of ULBs when seen from this perspective is no longer a matter of choice, but a necessity