Measures required in addressing these challenges

  1. Greater devolution of powers
  2. Empowering metro-planning committees
  3. De-politicization of ULB.
  4. Conducting elections on time as per the constitutional provisions
  5. Recommendations of 15th Finance commission need to be implemented, according to which the share of Urban local bodies in Finance commission grants to local bodies, should be gradually increased to 40% over the medium term
  6. Performance based grants: National municipal accounts manual: The manual comprehensively provides details to all states/UTs in relation to account policies, procedures and guidelines to ensure correct, complete and timely recording of municipal transaction to produce accurate and relevant financial reports.
  7. Use of technology to reduce corruption and bring in more transparency in the civic administration
  8. Encouraging citizen participation will improve the civic administration by bringing more accountability
  9. Strengthening municipal bonds
  10. Compensating for loss induced by GST


Reforms are needed to enable urban local bodies to act as engine of inclusive growth, so as to broaden & deepen the resource base required to match the growing needs of infrastructure and civic necessities.