Compulsory and voluntary provisions of the act

Compulsory provisions of the act

  • Constitution of Gram Sabha in a village or a group of villages
  • Establishment of panchayat at village, intermediate and district
  • Direct elections to all the above
  • Indirect election to the post of the chairperson of the panchayats at the intermediate and district level
  • 21 years to be the minimum age for contesting
  • Reservation of seats for SC and STs in panchayats at all levels
  • Reservation of 1/3rd seats for women in panchayats
  • Fixing of tenure of 5 years and holding elections within six months in any event of supersession of any panchayat
  • Establishment of state election commission
  • Constitution of state finance commission after every 5 years to review the financial position of the panchayats

Voluntary provisions of the act

  • Giving representation to members of the Parliament and state legislature at various levels of the panchayats
  • Providing reservation of seats for backward classes
  • Granting powers an authority to PRI
  • Devolutions of powers and representation
  • Granting financial powers to the panchayats