Devagiri Yadavas (1187-1317) AD

Political History:

  • They ruled area between Narmada and Tungabhadra comprising the areas of present day Maharshtra, southern Madhya Pradesh and northern parts of Karnataka.
  • This dynasty is also knwn as SEVUNA, GAVLI KINGS.
  • Devagriri(daulatbad ) was their capital.
  • Initially they were feudatories of western Chalukyas
  • Bhillamma declared independence and started independent rule.
  • They maintained rivalary with Kakatiyas and Hoysalas.
  • The Yadava kingdom reached its peak under Simhana II, and flourished until the early 14th century, when it was annexed by the Delhi Sultanate.
  • Harpaladeva was the last king in this dynasty.

Literature and Language:

  • The Yadavas were the first major dynasty to use Marathi as an official language. Earlier, both Sanskrit and Kannada had been used for official inscriptions in present-day Maharashtra; subsequently, at least partly due to the efforts of the Yadava rulers, Marathi became the dominant official language of the region
  • Mukundaraya wrote Vivekasindhu in Marathi.
  • Gnyaneshwar wrote Gnyaneshwari, a marthi language commentary on Bhagwad Gita.
  • Hemadri composed Chaturanga Chintamani. (Sanskrit)
  • Sarangapani composed sangeetaratnakara (considered to be first book on music).
  • Kannada was one of the court languages during early Yadava times, as is evident from a number of Kannada-language inscriptions.