Sufi orders

Sufi Orders


    • It was founded by Sheikh Abdul Chisti
    • It was introduced in India by Sheikh Moinuddin Chisti. His Dargah is at Ajmer
    • Qutubuddin Bakhtiar Kaki was the chief disciple of Moinuddin.
    • Iltutmush dedicated Qutub Minar to Bakhtiar Kaki
    • Sheikh Nizamuddin was the most popular Sufi saint in India. Amir Khusro, the greatest musician and literary giant was also the disciple of Sheikh Nizamuddin.
    • A system called Nadasampradaya was followed which meant burying disciples near as one family
    • Sheikh Salim Chisti was the last great saint of this order. He was held in great respect by Akbar.
    • Qamkhana were hermitages of Chisti saints outside the city


    • It was founded by Shihabuddin Shuhrawardi
    • It was introduced in India by Bhauddin
    • It was the richest order and very soon became unpopular


    • It was the only Sufi order which was founded and developed within India
    • It was founded by Sharafuddin, it was confined to Bihar
    • He composed Maqtubat and Mulfazat literature
    • The above dealt with the lives and teachings of Sufi saints


    • It was the most secular Sufi silsila
    • It was founded by Sheikh Jilani Qadri
    • Dara Shikoh, son of Shah Jahan followed this order


    • It was founded by Sheikh Biqabullah
    • It was introduced into India by Sheikh Pirsai
    • Sheikh Niyamtulla was the greatest scholar of this school
    • It was the most conservative of the orders. Aurangzeb followed this order

By educating the masses and deepening the spiritual concerns of the Muslims, Sufism has played an important role in the formation of Indian society.