Liberal outlook associated with Sufism

  • It does not believe narrow societal classification such as caste
  • They awakened a new sense of confidence and attempted to redefine social and religious values.
  • Their stress on social welfare led to the establishment of works of charitable nature, opening of orphanages and women service centres.
  • A notable contribution of the Sufis was their service to the poorer and downtrodden sections of society. Nizamuddin Auliya was famous for distributing gifts amongst the needy irrespective of religion or caste.
  • At a time when struggle for political power was the prevailing madness, the Sufi saints reminded men of their moral obligations. To a world torn by strife and conflict they tried to bring peace and harmony.
  • Other ideas emphasized by Sufism are meditation, good actions, repentance for sins, performance of prayers and pilgrimages, fasting, charity and suppression of passions by ascetic practices.