The Paramaras

  • They ruled malwa region /central India
  • Capital city – Dharanagar.
  • The Paramaras of Malwa rose on the ruins of the Pratihara empire of Kanauj.
  • The Paramara or Pawar clan was supposed to have emerged from the Agnikund of Mount Abu.

Statute of Rajbhoj

  • RajaBhoj was greatest in this dynasty (1018-1060).
  • Bhoja tried to regenerate Hindu society. He also fought against muslims.
  • Apart from a great warrior, he was an accomplished scholar.
  • He constructed Sanskrit college called Bhojshala at his capital.
  • His famous books were:
      1. Ayurveda Sangraha
      2. Yukti Kalpataru
      3. Samranga Suthradhara(deals with architecture).
  • He was also a great builder and is believed to have been built 104 temples and also a beautiful lake known as Bhojpur lake.
  • The power of the Paramara dynasty came to an end with the death of Raja Bhoja.