The Chandellas

  • They ruled eastern part of Madhya Pradesh.(Bundelkhand region)
  • Capital city- Mohoba, Khajuraho
  • The Chandella dynasty of Bundelkhand was one of the 36 Rajput clans
  • Chandella kingdom expanded steadily under the early kings such as Jayashakti
  • Dhanga was a great ruler of this dynasty. He took the title of Maharajadhiraja. He is well known for his wars against Mahmud of Ghazni. Several of Khajuraho temples were built during his reign.
  • Vidhydhara also resisted attacks of Muhammad Ghazni . He built Gwalior and Kalinjar forts.
  • The last ruler of Chandellas was Parmal, who was defeated by Prithviraj in 1182 CE and from whom Qutb-ud-din Aibak captured Kalinjar in 1203 CE.
  • After this the Chandellas sank into obscurity and Bundelkhand passed into the hands of the Muslims.
  • ARCHITECTURE: Chandellas were creative builders in their major towns and strongholds, above all in their capital, Khajuraho.
  • A large group of these temples still exists at Khajurajo in Bundelkhand. These temples were built during the period 900-1150 CE.
  • The Kandariya Mahadev temple is famous for its artistic excellence. The architecture of the Chandellas is considered as one of the supreme achievements of Indian architecture.

Khandariya Mahadeva Temple