The Chahamanas or Chauhans of Ajmer

Pruthviraj Chauhan

  • They ruled south eastern Rajasthan.
  • They followed shkambari cult.
  • Capital city – Ajmer
  • Vishaladeva was the founder of this dynasty.
  • Vishaladeva’s nephew, Rai pithora or Prithiviraj was the most famous ruler of this dynasty.
  • Prithviraj married Samyukta , daughter of Jayachnadra( arch rival of Prithviraj).
  • Jayachandra invited Muhammad Ghori to invade India(or to defeat Prithviraj).
  • In 1191AD Prithviraj Chauhan defeated Muhammad Ghori in first battle of Tarain or Thaneshwar.
  • In 1192 AD Muhammad Ghori made fresh attack and defeated Prithviraj in second battle of Tarain.
  • In 1193 Jayachandra was killed by Ghori.
  • The Military conquests of Prithviraj have been described in the long epic poem Prithviraj Raso composed by Chand Bardai.
  • With the death of Prithviraj, the sun of Rajput glory set for ever

Pruthviraj Raso