Solankis (Chaulkya Dynasty)

  • They ruled Gujrat area.
  • Capital- Anhilwara
  • Bhimadeva 1 ruled for about forty two years from 1021 – 1063 CE. During his time the famous Somanath Temple was plundered by Muhammad of Ghazni.
  • Bhima-I was followed by his son Karna in 1063-93 CE. He built numerous temples, dug tanks and founded a city after his name, now called as Ahmadabad.
  • Karna’s successor was Jayasimha Siddharaja (1093-1143 CE.).
  • One of the ruler Kuramapala is said to have rebuilt the temple of Somanath.
  • Bhimadeva 2 and Muladeva 2 defeated Muhammad Ghori in 1178 AD.
  • Solankis were dethroned by Waghelas.

Plundered Somnath temple