Nasiruddin Mohammad Humayn (1530-1540 ; 1555-56)

Mughal empire

  • After the death of Babur in 1530, his son Humayun succeeded him.
  • Humayun means “fortune” but he remained the most unfortunate ruler of the Mughal Empire.
  • Humayun, a cultured and learned person, was not a soldier like his father.
  • He was faced with the problems of a weak financial system and the predatory Afghans.
  • The growth of Afghan power in the regions around Bihar and Uttar Pradesh under the leadership of Sher Khan (later Sher Shah) made Humayun to initiate action. Defeating the Afghans at Daurah in 1532 Humayun besieged the powerful fort of Chunar.
  • However in 1539 Sher Shah Suri defeated Humayun in Battle of Chausa. Somehow Humayaun managed to escape from battle ground.
  • In the next year SherShah Suri confronted Humayun in Kannauj and defeated him completely. (Battle of Kannauj 1540)
  • Sher Shah started his independent rule.