The Pratiharas


  • Prithvirajraso written by Chandbadrai is the first major source for Rajput history.
  • According to this book Rajputs were originated from a fire sacrifice performed at Mt.Abu .
  • Prithviraj Raso is considered as the one of first book in Hindi language.
  • Colnel James Todd wrote “Annals of Rajputana” or “ Rajasthan Kathavali”,According to James Todd Rajputs were descedents of HUNs
  • Somadeva suri’s “Kathasaritha sagara” also gives details of Rajputs
  • Rashtrakuta poet Pampa also mention about Gujara in his book.

Political history:

  • They ruled Rajasthan and Gujrat region
  • They claimed their origin from Laxman.
  • Prathiharas acted as bulwarks against Islamic invaders
  • Nagabhatta- 1 was most famous and prominent king , he came into conflict with Rashtrakuta king Dhruva(tripartiate warfare for Kannauj)
  • Nagabhtta was followed by Vatsaraja
  • Vatsaraja defeated Dharmapala of Pala dynasty, but lost to Dhruv of Rashtrakuta dynasty.
  • Mihirbhoj was greatest among Prathiharas, he defeated Narayanpala of Pala . He ruled long for 46 years.
  • Mihirbhoj was mentioned by Arab travelers .Abu suleman called him king Juzr, al-masudi called king Baura.
  • Last king Rajyapala was defeated by Krishna 3 of Rashtrakuta and Ghazni mohammed.
  • From 1000 AD onwards Prathiharas became weak due to internal conflicts and rise in feudal lords.
  • This lead to fragmentation of Rajput

(Note: details of these Rajput kingdoms will be covered under subheading Rajput kingdoms)


  • There are notable examples of architecture from the Gurjara-Pratihara era, including sculptures and carved panels.
  • They started Maru- Gujara  style of architecture
  • Examples:
    • Bateshwar Hindu temples complex, located near Gwalior(MP) Dedicated to Shiva, Vishnu and Shakti.
    • Baroli temple complex