The Lodhis

Lodi Dynasty (1451-1526)AD:

  • Bahalul Lodi was founder of Lodi dynasty.
  • Lodis were originally from Afghanasitan.
  • Bahalul lodi is succeeded by Sikandar Lodi(1489-1517).
  • He was greatest in this dynasty.
  • He was contemporary to bhakti saint Kabirdas. He tortured Kabirdas.
  • He constructed Agra city and shifted the capital from Delhi to Agra in 1504.
  • He destroyed many Hindu temples and imposed many restrictions on the Hindus.
  • Sikandar Lodi was succeeded by his son Ibrahim Lodi.
  • He was not able administrator as his father. He had differences with nobels, governors.
  • His close relatives Allam khan Lodi and Daulat Khan Lodi invited Babar to invade India.
  • Mewar ruler Rana Sanga also invited Babar to Invade India.
  • Krishnadevraya was emperor of Vijayanagara in southern India during this time.
  • Babar defeated and killed Ibrahim Lodi in the first battle of Panipat in 1526 AD.
  • Ibrahim Lodi was the last sultan in Delhi sultanate.
  • Babar started Mughal rule in India from 1526AD