India-Bhutan Mangdechhu Hydroelectric Power Project

UK based Institute of Civil Engineers has conferred the medal which is in recognition of achievement in civil engineering as well as acknowledgement of service and excellence.

Inaugurated in August 2019, the 720MW project is a success story of India Bhutan cooperation in the Hydropower sector.

The Indo-Bhutan joint project which is merely one year old has earned more revenue than the projected target.

At the time of construction, the focus was also on the community development and social and environment based projects were started to help the local community.

These included the construction of a Basic Health Unit, aforestation activity, infrastructure for school, etc in the Trongsa District of Bhutan.

This is a river project and is located in the Trongsa district of Bhutan, the construction was completed in a record time of seven years.

India has funded through a 70 per cent loan and a 30 per cent grant to Bhutan.

Constituted by the Indian and the Bhutanese Governments, this project has been developed by the Mangdechhu Hydroelectric Project Authority.

The electricity generated by the Project after meeting the energy requirements of Bhutan, the surplus is exported to India.