Under 2007 India-Bhutan Friendship Treaty, the two sides have agreed to cooperate closely with each other on issues relating to their national interests.


  • Neither Govt. shall allow the use of its territory for activities harmful to the National Security and the interest of the other.
  • Under the revised treaty of 2007, India and Bhutan will cooperate with each other on matters of national security.
  • There shall be free trade and commerce between the territories of the Government of Bhutan and the Government of India.
  • Government of Bhutan shall be free to import, from or through India into Bhutan, whatever arms, ammunition, machinery desired for the strength and welfare of Bhutan.
  • The Government of Bhutan and the Government of India agree that Bhutanese subjects residing in Indian territories shall have equal justice with Indian subjects, and that Indian subjects residing in Bhutan shall have equal justice with the subjects of the Government of Bhutan.