Doklam Controversy

  • Doklam is also known as Donglong area of the Sikkim sector. China was constructing motorable road from Dokola towards Bhutan army camp. It affects the boundary between the two countries. Bhutan asked Beijing to restore status quo by stopping the work. Donglong is a tri-junction area near the Chumbi Valley.
  • It is under China’s control; however, Bhutan claims sovereignty over the area.
  • Both have written agreements during 1988 and 1998, stating that the two sides agree to maintain tranquillity in their border areas pending a final settlement on the boundary question.
  • It was also decided to maintain status quo on the boundary as before March, 1959.



India’s intervention


  • Unique position of Chumbi valley which is close to the slender Siliguri corridor and a dangerous choke point.
  • This is over the interests and rights of the third country, Bhutan and it also indicates wider competition for influence over smaller countries in the region.
  • India’s trusts in Chinese intentions are collapsing steadily.
  • Quite often China’s actions are irritating India and India feels that several times they are provocative and without any rational basis.