Association of Southeast Asian Nations

HeadquartersJakarta , Indonesia
What is it ?
  • Established through the ‘Bangkok Declaration’
  • To accelerate the economic growth, social progress and cultural development in the region
  • To promote regional peace and stability
  • ASEAN Motto – “One Vision, One Identity, One   Community”
  • 2015 ASEAN COMMUNITY –  to move South-East Asia towards a globally competitive single market and production base, with a free flow of goods, services, labour, investments and capital across the 10 member states.
  • Has Flag,Motto
  • The ‘ASEAN Way’ refers to a methodology or approach to solving issues that respects the cultural norms of Southeast Asia
MembershipFounding Members(MIST-P):

Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia

New Members(CMLV-B):

Brunei, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia(latest member)

  • Not a member
  • Has Free Trade Agreement in Goods(2010), Services(2014) , Investment(2014)
  • ASEAN heads were Chief Guests at Republic Day Parade
  • Trade : $70billion
  • 1st Summit –   Bali, Indonesia in 1976.
  • 36th Summit – Vietnam in 2020