Roadblocks to India-Russia Relations


Factors weakening India-Russia Economic ties

    • The lack of involvement of the private sector; absence of logistics; poor connectivity; and more recently, the stalling of the International North-South Economic Corridor, have resulted in higher costs


Issues related to Defence

    • There has been a gradual decline in the orders of India from Russia because of:
      • India’s desire to diversify its defence imports and therefore a heightened competition for Russia with other suppliers
      • Dissatisfaction in India with post-sales services and maintenance being offered by Russia
    • Moreover, India has also had concerns in the past regarding supply and servicing of defence supplies.
      • Some of these included a five-year delay in the delivery of aircraft carrier Admiral Gorshkov (later renamed INS Vikramaditya) as well as its cost escalation

Russia’s apprehensions over India’s foreign policy

    • Russian officials have repeatedly criticized the idea of the Indo-Pacific and the Quad, arguing that it is meant to contain China
    • Russia believes that, India is currently an object of the Western countries

The USA factor

    • The source of divergence between Indian and Russian interests lies in the continuing problems that Russia faces in its relations with the US
    • The consequence of this confrontation is that Moscow has increasingly leaned on China both for support as well as a way to undermine American power
    • At a time of greater prospects with India-USA engagements, it might get difficult to maintain the balance in India-Russia ties as well