Insights IAS MINDMAPS on Important Current Issues for UPSC Civil Services Exam

Insights IAS MINDMAPS on Important Current Issues for UPSC Civil Services Exam

The following mindmaps are designed keeping in mind the demand of UPSC civil services Mains exam. Questions asked by UPSC demand consolidation of various ideas and translating them into meaningful 200 word answer. Our mindmaps provide you comprehensive linkages to connect various dimensions of a topic or an issue. We hope these mindmaps help in quick revision of major issues.

On Sundays, mindmaps are not posted. During weekdays, on an average, 2 mindmaps are posted between MONDAY to FRIDAY.


















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          July INSIGHTS MINDMAPS – 2018

          June INSIGHTS MINDMAPS – 2018

          February INSIGHTS MINDMAPS – 2018

          January INSIGHTS MINDMAPS – 2018


            very very thanks for this great work..

            Hi guys if u havent formed a whats app group then please ping me on my
            number 9419157579……so that i ll create it….

            thanks to insight team for thier tireless work and effort for all aspirant!!!

            Sir this initiative is very good…but I found some problems in mindmaps…
            1) In some mindmaps rather than analytical arguments, direct copy paste is there..
            2) Sometimes points of one mindmap is pasted in other mindmap of the same day…
            Pleaaa please take care of these issues…

            Thanks Insight for such a innovative step in right direction … It would be great if you could share the mind map extension file for these Mind maps….
            1. It will be easy to read.
            2. We can make our own notes – append notes.


            Sir could you please place all the mind maps in a single file with “Search” option available.. So that we can search and refer whenever we want..thanks in advance..

            Guys I need info on how actually are mind maps beneficial? I mean how to use them and how they are helpful in retaining the stuff we read?

            I have a doubt regarding the questions you are posting from 22 December,2015 on wards for the Mains 2016.The link is titled as current affair(date), so what about the conventional subjects questions like history,geography,history,etc ,will they be covered under the same current affairs link or are their any other linkages for them.

            hi insights : can you please arrange all these mindmaps paper wise ? it wud be a great help. thanks 🙂

            could u please post mind map file that we can search, edit as per personal requirement etc.
            there is heavy copy paste job in few mind maps. which makes them incoherent. maany times same point have been repeated over and over in the same mind map.

            as i have some eye problem and do not able to read regularly on computer. therefore i request you to plz provide mind maps in pdf format which is printable and after that readable

            please make one on isis

            It could have been insanely helpfu if insights could put mIndmap posts under different headers like health,infrastructure etc somewhat on the lines of how PRS puts its bills.

            Dear Insights ,Please Enable Search Option For MindMaps…SO that We can Goto that Particular Topic as and When We Required without wasting time searching where it is…

            Dear Insights,Please Enable “Search” Option for Mindmaps..So that we wont Waste time Searching where the Topic we want is….

            Hi, I am going through the mind maps, daily question, and prelims test series as the sole source of preparation. I was wondering if similar sort of mind maps could be created ahead of prelims test for NCERT’s and standard books, it will be a lifetime asset for lifetime. Even we aspirants can work in groups for the same.

            sreelakshmi challa

            thank u

            How much more awesome can this get. I can download mind maps now. Nice work ! 🙂


            sir earlier format of mindmap was much bettr

            All random figures for the “Coal Based Plants”!!! Dont be so slacky yaar. Mazaak karoge to mazaak ban bhi jaega. What do I do with 2012 figures? You say 98 GW were produced as per 2012; which I doubt! Taking another bullet point which says: “It is expected to double by 2022” i.e. it would be 200 in 2022. Why I cant use this figure: which says it was 170 GW in November 2015. Also, “75% generation is coal-based” is absolutely wrong! It is 60% as per Government website:

            insight mindmap ko pehle jaise without highresolution + highresolution k sath rakho..I am not able to zoom in or read it..please insight..i write the topics in notebook..but due your only highresolution mechanism I am not able to read it..what should I do now?

            please help me can I read mindmap..I am not able to read it…no zoom option is avaible…I am hindi medium aspirant and I used to write notes after translating it on hindi…plz plz help me..

            please help me can I read mindmap..I am not able to read it…no zoom option is avaible…I am hindi medium aspirant and I used to write notes after translating it on hindi…plz plz help me

            Thank you insights…. with every passing day u have made the prep easier….. m just loving it…

            thank you insight..u solved my problem…thank you very very much u wrote editorials in a vey easy manner…I am hindi medium aspirant but I don’t face any problem reading from here…thank you for making it so awesome..

            Thank you very much team…as it is the summary of daily dose …which must be compiled in mind instead of files…and these mind maps help a lot..


            plz write ur own laguage instead of copy pest…..and 19 january mindmap regarding aluminium regarding price point2 and 3 not clear just becoz of direct copy paste from paper

            some of the mind map are overlapped….there is air pollution in Commercial courts bill and Iran issue on Tank irrigation and mission Kakatiya so plz look in to the mater… thank you very much….

            insights, please convert all of the mind maps together in printable format with suitable font size so that we can take printouts as of whole. thanks.

            problem in the link that has been provided.

            The mind maps of 26 on topic India and Arab league I find details of India and Nepal.
            Kindly look into it
            Thank you

            Priyadharshini Narasimhan

            the links for Human impacts on oceans and India and the Arab league is not working ,Do the needful asap

            arab -league mindmap not shown properly ….I am unable to read it….

            Sir in the last two days the links to the mindmaps are not working properly!
            Like:- Is AMU Minority Institution? & India and Arab League.
            The links for above mindmaps are being redirected to different mindmaps.
            Please look into it

            Hi Vinay Sir, please check Is AMU Minority Institution? under India france relation got uploaded,yesterday also for India and Arab League we did not get any

            India and Arab League 26 Jan Mindmap not uploaded..Please upload it

            AMU minority institution 27 Jan also not uploaded

            Human impact on oceans not uploaded

            dear sir/madam,
            india and arab league, Human impacts on oceans
            these links are giving some other mind map.
            please check it.

            on 28th mind maps two links content is same…pls correct it

            Dear insisght the link to few minmaps are being redirected to the previous opened mindmap!
            pls look into it.

            Sir please correct the hyperlinks of mindmaps. They are wrongly tagged in many cases e.g. amu,president rule etc. We are missing your valuable mindmaps becoz of this. Please check.

            Dear Insights,
            some mindmaps are missing…like AMU, falling rupee, India and Arab league…

            some of the links are redirecting same image please correct it sir…………

            For quite few days, same content is being displayed by two different topics mindmap. Anyone else facing the same issue?

            Few mind maps are posted with same contents please check it sir

            Some of the Mindmap pictures uploaded are not matching with the topics from 26th Jan, 2016.
            Kindly upload the same. Thank You.

            Many links have same content.. Please correct it asap

            23rd January 2016–Human affects on ocean Link–opening Plate tectonics mind map
            LINK ERROR
            Sir please do the needful to reroute URL so that we could gain from the insightful and succinct mind maps
            LINK ERRORS on
            23(HUMAN-OCEAN AFFECTS)
            28(FALLING RUPEE),
            30(DATA PROTECTION)

            sir there is duplication of mind maps, diff heading but duplicated image of previous issue, please take a look, check with data protection, falling rupee, AMU miniority issue, India and Arab league, human impact on ocean, are not posted but their heading is there instead some duplicated images of other topics are there.

            sir plz rectify the link errors for recent mindmaps.

            LINK ERROR
            Sir please do the needful to reroute URL so that we could gain from the insightful and succinct mind maps
            LINK ERRORS on
            23(HUMAN-OCEAN AFFECTS)
            28(FALLING RUPEE),
            30(DATA PROTECTION)

            How often RBI cuts the rate or vice-versa ? Is there any minimum time limit within which it cant change rate if it has just changed the same ?

            Hello Sir….
            I’am unable to find Mindmap for “CONTEMPT OF COURT”…..Please help…!! 🙂

            @InsightsOnIndia:disqus there’s some link mismatch wrt 2nd feb sports MM at 2 places. kindly rectify

            International Monetary Fund(IMF)

            link for teachers education is opening
            drinking water –> IMF
            Please check 🙂

            Dear insights i find at least one topic from mind maps missing everytime. even today there is no mind maps on ‘drinking water availability in India’. previously also many have highlighted the same issue. kindly help.

            Hey, there is at least one overlap in mind maps in 2 different links (Daily).Please do away with this..

            Again link error on 4th Feb..chinas one belt and one road

            sir why there is an overlap in atleast one of the mindmaps daily….please please please please plz do something about it sir ..plz

            LINK ERROR
            Sir please do the needful to reroute URL so that we could gain from the insightful and succinct mind maps
            LINK ERRORS
            BUT OTHER TWO MIND-MAP LINKS FOR THE DAY ARE INTERCHANGED i.e. found in another link of the same day)
            2(Contempt of court)
            3(Drinking water)
            23(HUMAN-OCEAN AFFECTS)
            28(FALLING RUPEE),
            30(DATA PROTECTION)

            Sir ,Link -error while reading, Please solve it

            sir’s past few days there has been some glitch in your uploading as some of the MINDMAPS are redirected to other downloads, please correct the problem. THANKYOU

            thank u insights…!!!

            a lot of links are erroneous as they are not of opening to the right article…

            link error of Blue Economy…………….

            11 feb-sir,on clicking on Blue economy,it is downloading the indian ocean region…plz do the needful to reroute URL.

            dear insights…as is evident there is a glitch in the mindmaps…pls see that we r loosing valuable content

            dear insights
            the mindmaps that you are posting are same for different heading and this error is really costing us
            this has been in many cases, so please its a humble request to please immediately rectify the anomaly

            are you guys even reading what u are posting ?, from the last one month 100s of comments are written to correct the glitch , but not even a single response from ur side nor the glitch is corrected!!!!!! shocking

            click on the date (green link). it will redirect you. go there and save or copy the image..

            Sir, Plz post the mindmaps in jpg format and not in bmp format as the latter is of much size to download. Plz consider. thanks…

            Sir can we know the source of these mindmaps? Is it one article or crux of many articles?

            Does anyone has the ccompilation of total mindmaps ?
            If anyone has this repository, S/He may share here please……
            It will help me as well as many of us .

            Thanking You

            i want to add on a criticism with respect to National court of appeal mindmap ->
            If this process of appelate jurisdiction becomes a routinal exercise as was mentioned in the article then every single jurisdiction made by any court or tribunal in the teritory of India would go to National court of appeal and thus we can see this could lead to undermining the status of high courts which could develop a situation where in the HC will start exercising its monotonous role of forwarding the petition to National court of appeal without exercising proper jurisdiction in its true spirit.

            Sir, mind maps of the some of the most recent days are not here.. 🙁

            Dear Insights,

            While providing the mindmap, could you also provide the syllabus topic associated? Like the way you do in Daily Current Affairs section. That would be really helpful.

            what happened to mindmap sir, their are no mindmaps………….plz donot stop the initiative

            Thanks a ton insights.. These Mindmaps are easy way to link and learn.. Hatsoff..

            Very nice channel on telegram Link – … – Everything at single place – “TH+IE+AIR+RSTV”!!!!!!!!!!!!

            Prakhar Srivastava

            sir, link errors on Vaccination mindmap too ..

            Thank you Insight Team for making Mind Maps.

            Jagadesh Rajendran

            why no mindmaps ?

            Can anyone share the collections of all the mind maps till date………..i have joined late…… so please help me

            Plz don’t stop this initiative of Mindmaps. They are really helpful, if not daily plz update them on regular basis , like when some new event happens having broad impact. And if possible plz add govt. Policies too.
            And let us know any mindmap update with current event section itself, we would be really grateful.?

            prashant upadhyay

            no mindmaps from long time r u stooping this or shall we wait?????????????

            Please Insights seggregate the mind maps in various heads or a search facility for minds .
            For eg. All the mind maps related with China would be found togather. You are doing great job and you have huge scarsity of time but it will greatly help aspirants .
            Thanks .

            No more Mindmaps?????

            Dear insight Please continue the mind maps…….they are very helpful……..

            Sir, Kindly resume the initiative of Mindmaps. It is a great help to link and understand any topic holistically. Else, if it is going to be discontinued kindly inform the same too. As I prepare current affairs in and around issued Mindmaps itself. Thanks in advance.

            hi insight what happen to mind maps why are you not posting

            Please continue the mindmaps series…they are comprehensive and sometimes we miss some issue by ourselves and mindmaps are really helpful full for that..plz dont discontinue

            kya mindmap post krna bnd kr diya gya h?? hey friends I am here after so many days..busy in state service exams..please tell me if they are any other place..

            There’s a problem, don’t know if others are facing the same. When I click on the 14.4.16-30.4.16 mindmap, the page that opens up is 13.4.16.

            @ Insights … The Mind maps for 5 may 2016 are not what their heading suggests.

            hi sir/mam, i just want to know what is the source for mind maps? like hindu or ?

            @InsightsOnIndia:disqus It’s a request to please continue this initiative and please try to provide the Mindmaps on a daily basis as it becomes easy to review them then and there itself, instead of going through many of those which leads to extra burden. I know this is asking too much, but it would definitely help to follow a systematic and regularized plan.

            Thanks again for the efforts you guys are putting!

            There is an error in opening Geo Spatial Bill Mind map.
            It is rather opening a different one instead.

            Insights don’t even bother to check feedbacks I guess. We understand your hectic schedule, however popping out once in a while would be an encouragement. Hate to point out, but this recent practise of dumping huge chunks of mind maps altogether casts heavy burden on your followers to keep up. Takes up a lot of time in covering them and linking it with relevant topics. The daily uploads are much better – easy to connect and saves time.. A LOT! Humble request to continue with the daily upload of mind maps (not necessarily daily given your time constraints, but whenever you’ve prepared, however please resist from dumping huge chunks). Dearly hoping for a positive response.

            Just an opinion, ignore if not feasible for the team.

            Dear insights i don’t see any updates after 5th may. Is there any issues.

            buddha jyoti kar

            May i request for mind maps after 5th may 2016.

            Hi INSIGHTS please please do not stop the mind map initiative.. Very very necessary for us…please provide all remaining mind maps.. Thanks..

            Friends ! How to get monthly compilation of current affairs?

            has the mindmap been discontinued???

            Can someone please forward the links for month compilation of current events.

            Has ‘Mindmaps’ been discontinued….it was so imp. for us…kindly reply
            Thank you.

            Please post MINDMAPS for the remaining duration of MAY and JUNE 2016.

            Why has this initiative being stopped?
            Can we expect a compilation sometime later or is it just over?
            Clarity required.

            Mindmap is not getting updated

            No mind maps since 5th May.!!

            Why Mind MAps are not available after 5th of MAY?

            plz insight give us mindmap, synopsis, Lok Sabha aticles, yojana notes
            why u have stop postings all
            we need to study

            plz insight give us mindmap, synopsis, Lok Sabha aticles, yojana notes
            why u have stop postings all

            Kindly update Mind Maps on daily basis. Its helps to revise the topics very holisticly

            a very good initiative. thank you insights

              How do u take print out of these maps ? I mean the fonts are not visible when we convert it to pdf.
              Or do U write the mindmaps?

              Pls help

            I just love the mind maps but it would have been better if, it was posted in simple manner rather than in .jpg format. That way, it’d be easier to make digital notes, copy pasting the stuff from here, which is not possible now.

            can n e one help how to use these mind map ?

            mind maps are full of use full data so keep in mind as much as possible and it will help creating an opinion and also in framing an answer.

            can you provide all mind maps together as was done for current affairs ???

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